Apple Banana

Apple Bananas

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Apple bananas are available year-round and distinguished by their size, texture and flavor. They are stout and plump, with a thick taut peel. As the fruit ripens, it develops a far more tropical flavor profile, with notes of pineapple and strawberry. The Apple banana has a memorable, complex scent marked by a strong tart-apple aroma.

Apple bananas contain a significant amount of potassium and fiber and are higher in vitamins C and A than common bananas.

Apple banana a popular delicacy is locally known as ndizzi in Uganda. It is, however, also eaten by some people exclusively, when they are hungry.

Apple bananas are commonly used as a dessert banana once they reach peak maturity. They can also be used in savory dishes both cold and hot. The sweetness of an Apple banana can be paired with other sweet and rich ingredients.