Export Market

We are currently exporting to the following clients:


Real Raw Food Canada – Dried Fruits and Vanilla

Solhjulet Denmark – Buyers of all products, fresh, dry and frozen.

Davert Germany – Chia, Quinoa, Sesame, Millet and Dry fruit

Eosta Netherlands – Fresh Fruits

Organic Foods and Cafe(Al-accad Dubai) – Buyers of fresh fruits and Vegetables

Tradin Netherlands – Pulps and Frozen Dices


Africrops Germany – Moringa, Moringa leaves and Dry fruit powder


Precious Foods Dubai – Fresh Fruits

Local and Global

Local and Global Denmark – Fresh Fruit, Dry fruit, Herbs and Spices and Vanilla


Jamaica Fresh Produce Limited – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Elan Chemical

Elan Chemical Co. Inc US – Vanilla

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Lebensbaum Germany – spices

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Sensient US/ Italy – Butterfly pea, Annatto, Rosemary, Cocoa, Indigo and other herbs

Vitaina Italy –  Dry fruit

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Kurt Gurme Agricultural Production & Industry Inc Turkey – Dry fruit