Kyampisi Farm

“Kyampisi”, which is the main farm of African Organic is situated approx. 85 km North of the capital city, Kampala. The farm covers an area of 900 acres of organic/Demeter certified farm land and more than 600 acres of bush area. Since 2000, the farm has been certified organic, and in September 2007, the farm attained its Demeter Certificate. Kyampisi is also an experimental farm, where new crops and ideas are tested. Outgrowers are trained and invited  for workshops, enabling farmers to produce their own organic seeds.

The  farm produces and supplies fruits and vegetables and in addition to the bio-dynamic production, cattle farming has been implemented in the concept. Today, the Manager can show a herd of over 100 healthy cows. A staff of more than 200 employees work hire on a daily basis on the farm. Besides, the management of the farm aims to employ as many women as possible. In Uganda it is often difficult for women get well paying jobs.


Kyampisi is also an experimental farm where new crops and ideas are tested. Here, out growers are trained and invited for workshops. We do training and consultation with the team from Denmark, organizing workshops to enable the farmers to produce their own organic seeds, which makes them independent of organic seeds from Europe.

In order to create proper facilities for the more than 100 out growers who attend workshops for several days, the farm now undergoes a renovation.

It is our dream that one day we will be able to establish a real agricultural school in connection with the Kyampisi Farm.

At Noon, the employees all get a hot meal. The farm has established childcare, where the employed nanny takes care of the children while the mothers are working. They make sure that especially the small children who still need to follow their mothers to the field will have milk and water.