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Amfri Farms Ltd also trading as African Organic is involved in the production, processing and export of organic fresh, dried and frozen fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. It is certified by IMO Control-Switzerland in compliance with EEC Regulation 2092/91, USDA/NOP Final Rule and Naturland standards. The Company was the first to be certified in Uganda dealing in organic produce supplied by groups of out growers and the company farm (Kyampisi Farm). The company is owned by the Shivji family who are Ugandan-born Canadians who have been operating the Kyampisi Farm since the 1960’s. The predecessor to Amfri Farms was Sun trade and Consulting Int (U) Ltd that started in 1990 with 25 individual out-growers and has grown to more than 100 farmers over the years.

Since 2000, the farm has been certified organic and in September 2007, it attained its Demeter Certificate.

Amfri fresh export products include Arabica and Robusta coffee, organic pineapple (smooth cayenne and Victoria), apple bananas, plantains, ginger, papaya, mangoes, jackfruit, avocadoes and passion fruits as well as chilies, bell peppers, herbs, gooseberries, aubergines, beans, and others.

Dried products include dried pineapples, apple bananas, mangoes, paw paws, jackfruit , gooseberries and vanilla, dried herbs like rosemary, lemongrass, and spices like chilies, vanilla and ginger.

Dried cereals and grains like Chia, Quinoa, Sesame, Millet.

The company is also contracted to provide substantial quantities of special natural ingredients such as Butterfly peas (ClitoriaTernatea), Annato (BIXA orellana), Safflower (carriots), Purple fleshed sweet potato and is experimenting with varieties of black and orange carrots, red raddish, red beet and other natural products.

Frozen products include frozen passion fruit pulp, frozen apple banana puree, and frozen pineapple dices, frozen mango pulp and dices, frozen papaya dices, and frozen gooseberry pulp. The company is also experimenting with frozen sweet potato, carrots, pumpkins, red raddish and red beet root.

Main export destinations include:

  • Denmark, Holland, Germany (fresh, dried and frozen products),
  • Dubai/UAE, Bahrain (fresh and dried products), (dried products) and
  • USA, Canada (dried products).


We currently work with 152 certified farms/outgrowers (contributing up to 90% of our total sales) located in the districts of Luweero, Kayunga, Mukono, Wakiso, Mpigi, Rakai, Mubende, Kamuli, Masaka, Budaka and recently scaling into Mbale.

We also own a farm in Nakeseke district (1500 acres), 900 acres certified organic and Demeter. It is partly for demonstration and training purposes but also contributes up to 10% of the total supplies. On this farm, we have Demeter cattle managed in a very special way in order to get good composting material to be used in the whole production system.